Fords Gin and Del Maguey Mezcal: Sisterhood and a big bar brawl are how they say 'We care!'

Bar Fight 2018, photo by Jaclyn Rivas.

Bar Fight 2018, photo by Jaclyn Rivas.

This year, we’re grateful to be able to welcome back two like-minded sponsors to the Chicago Style docket: Fords Gin and Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal!

We love that Fords and Del Maguey are two spirits companies with deep connections to the bartending community — neither take for granted the kind of support given to them by beverage directors, bar managers, and bartenders each time they reach for a bottle or write a menu, and both Fords and Del Maguey know its that very support helping each of their brands to thrive.

And that’s not just lip service: Fords Gin and Del Maguey are consistent in their efforts to give back to and celebrate our cocktail community.

Take the The Sisterhood Project for example: taking place concurrent with regional Speed Rack competitions, it’s an afternoon of meaningful, empowering conversation focusing on issues faced by women in our hospitality community. The Sisterhood Project was co-founded by  Sharon Bronstein of Fords Gin (and Chicago Style!) and Misty Kalkofen of Del Maguey, and the series is sponsored by the brands. This year, the Sisterhood Project was incorporated into the Chicago Style schedule of seminars + panel discussions, and will explore ageism in our industry with legends Lynn HouseKate GerwinTracey Ramsey, and Gaby Mlynarczyk.

Another community-building event that’s brought to you by Fords and Del Maguey? Bar Fight Club!! In its new iteration, Bar Fight Club celebrates and rewards the contributions each competing bar makes to their community, how they strive for inclusion and equity, ways they ensure safety, and efforts made toward sustainability — in addition to making delicious cocktails and serving up outstanding hospitality, of course.

Bar Fight Club and the Sisterhood Project are examples of two brands putting their money where their mouths are — they’re evolving along with the cocktail community, and financially supporting the programs working to push us all forward.

Check out some of their good work in person at Chicago Style 2019:

Caitlin Laman